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James Marshall Foundation CIO

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The James Marshall Foundation was established nearly 300 years ago when James Marshall left property in his Will that he wanted to go towards helping children and young people from Harpenden and Wheathampstead, from families of limited means, in preparing them for work, or establishing themselves in a career. The key age group he was primarily concerned about was 16 – 24 year olds but he determined that if there were sufficient funds, financial assistance could be given to younger children.

The Foundation has thus been operating for a long time and has the same overall remit of assisting eligible young people in education and career-related activities. It does have sufficient funds for the foreseeable future to assist younger children as well as the target age group. Grants of over £1,000,000 have been awarded during the last six years.

The Foundation can only support young people and children living in Harpenden or Wheathampstead. 

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