Wise & Co

Contact: Mrs Susan Doherty

Wise & Co
Wey Court West
Union Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 01252 711244

Email: sdo@wiseandco.co.uk

About Wise & Co

Wise & Co is a great place to build a career, whether you are just starting out or looking to take the next step.  You’ll find that Wise & Co is a truly innovative and forward-thinking place to work.

  • Our firm is represented by a vast range of people from different backgrounds and entry routes to the industry. This means we have an enormous range of talent, skill and expertise at our fingertips. We work collaboratively to share our expertise;
  • Diversity of work, hands-on learning experience and plenty of exposure to a broad spectrum of clients from small sole traders to large limited companies with multi-million pound turnovers;
  • Dynamic, energetic and friendly working culture;
  • Wise & Co continually invests in its people – we’re proud of our reputation for recruiting, nurturing and retaining talent;
  • Structured training and full financial and managerial support during your study;

“The balance of both study and work really appealed to me. They’re very helpful if you need additional support with your studies and exams. For every account job completed you receive a grade and feedback which is great for personal development. Lovely offices, open space and roomy desks. Wise & Co celebrate promotions and reward staff for hard work, you’re boosted at every level and have something to aim for.”- Rhiannon Bowers-James, ACA trainee at Wise & Co


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