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  • Your career prospects as a qualified Chartered Accountant

    • 26 May 2023

    Discover the career prospects of a Chartered Accountant, from diverse industries to high demand and competitive salaries. Start your journey with ICAEW today.

  • What it means to become a chartered accountant with Phoebe

    • 1 Feb 2021
    • Nassim Gribi

    We asked Phoebe, a recently-qualified chartered accountant what doing the ACA meant for her.

  • meditating woman

    Top tips for training remotely from ICAEW students

    • 9 Dec 2020
    • Sarah Hobbs

    Our talented group of Campus Ambassadors (CAs) have been sharing their expert advice on how they are adapting to the strains and limitations of remote learning whilst at university.

  • How does diversity add value to the accountancy profession?

    • 7 Dec 2020
    • Arnab Datta

    Accountancy is a profession, which is associated with a certain stereotype and some people may think that it is only accessible to those with a particular background. However, the reality is that the profession requires people from a variety of backgrounds with different ways of thinking. There are various career paths available to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and achieve the BFP and ACA qualifications.

  • EY at Pride

    Looking after the mental health of our LGBT+ community

    • 9 Dec 2019
    • Jonathan Worrell

    Last month I attended an event where Simon Blake OBE, Chief Exec of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) spoke about mental health for LGBT+ employees in the workplace. One statistic stuck in my mind: that 62% of graduates who are openly LGBT+ at university go back into the closet upon joining their first employer.