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  • Authentically representing yourself

    • 15 Mar 2024
    • ICAEW

    This article covers how to be able to be our true selves when we begin studying or working in new environments.

  • People at work

    How to manage your mental health when applying for jobs

    • 18 Oct 2023
    • ICAEW

    This article covers tips on how to manage your mental health during the recruitment process.

  • Man at work

    Building career confidence

    • 9 Oct 2023
    • ICAEW

    This article covers how we can build career confidence

  • How to bounce back from failure

    • 20 Sep 2023
    • ICAEW

    This article covers how we can bounce back from failure

  • young man smiling

    6 steps to better decision making

    • 10 Aug 2023
    • ICAEW

    Top tips to better decision making

  • Girl smiling

    Create a growth mindset

    • 7 Jul 2023

    Explore how to develop a growth mindset could help you achieve your goals.

  • Man smiling

    Exploring mental health and personal finance

    • 23 Jun 2023

    Mental wellbeing has rightly been the subject of a lot of attention in recent years. An often overlooked factor in people’s mental wellbeing is personal finance. This article explores the relationship between mental health and personal finance.

  • Apprentice

    Everything there is to know, and more, about ICAEW Apprenticeships

    • 22 Feb 2023
    • Charlotte Reed

    Once you have decided on your career path, the next question is, how do I get there? When it comes to accountancy, one of the most popular routes to becoming chartered is through an apprenticeship. 

  • Girl accepting a job offer

    How to get ready for your first job?

    • 25 Jan 2023
    • Charlotte Reed

    Taking the first step in your career will always be the most challenging one. But the more experience you get, the more confident you will feel throughout your career. However, the best way to ease this anxiety is through preparation.

  • Finding the right fit

    Finding the right fit

    • 1 Feb 2024

    How can you know that an employer or business is genuinely diverse and inclusive?

  • The ICAEW guide to successful job search (student edition): The psychology of job search success

    • 4 Aug 2022
    • Simon Gray

    In the third episode of The ICAEW Guide to Successful Job Search (student edition) podcast series, host Simon Gray, FCA, examines the impact that attitudes and beliefs have on your ability to win the job you want.

  • The ICAEW guide to successful job search (student edition): The job market environment

    • 10 Jul 2022
    • Simon Gray

    In the second podcast of The ICAEW Guide to Successful Job Search series (student edition), host Simon Gray, FCA, delves deep into the job market, the roles of the different players and the 'hidden market', the place where a high proportion of job opportunities exist before ever being advertised or placed with professional recruiters.

  • The secret to motivation? It’s a state of mind

    • 31 Mar 2021
    • Janet Hill

    Transformational coach Janet Hill helps students who are struggling with motivation, anxiety and overwhelm. She believes the power to change can be as simple as altering your mindset.

  • Going virtual with PwC

    • 14 Dec 2020
    • Charlotte Aldoori from PwC

    We asked PwC to explain the new ways employers are recruiting because of lockdown and how students can prepare for them. Here's what they had to say!

  • meditating woman

    Top tips for training remotely from ICAEW students

    • 9 Dec 2020
    • Sarah Hobbs

    Our talented group of Campus Ambassadors (CAs) have been sharing their expert advice on how they are adapting to the strains and limitations of remote learning whilst at university.