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Why take part in the CV Search?

Written by: Sarah Hobbs
Published on: 26 Apr 2023


It's time to kickstart your career and join CV Search, an ICAEW Training Vacancies tool that can help you get ahead of the competition. 

Searching for that perfect job role can often feel repetitive, so why not make it easier for yourself by getting in front of recruiters and amplifying your chances of getting hired?

What is CV Search?
CV Search is a free tool on the Training Vacancies platform that increases your visibility to prospective recruiters. The platform allows employers to sift through profiles and search for potential ACA Trainees.

Once the recruiter has found a potential candidate, they can contact them directly and invite them to the interview stages.
How to join the CV Search?
To get your CV listed on the platform, log in or create an ICAEW Training Vacancies account and ensure you have provided all the relevant information for the best chance of being selected. Once done, tick the box to allow recruiters to see your profile. 

When completed, press save and your profile will get instantly uploaded onto the CV Search platform for recruiters to view! 

Are you eligible to join the CV Search? 

Anyone who has created a profile on our ICAEW Training Vacancies platform can upload their CV. Additional information around levels of experience, exams passed, time spent in a training agreement will significantly help amplify your profile to prospective employers.

Are you ready to start getting noticed? Take that next step and join CV Search today. 

Extra support - virtual event

What does it take to stop a reader in their tracks? On average a recruiter will look at your CV for approx. 7 seconds. By attending this session, you will know exactly what it takes for a recruiter to keep reading your CV and find out how to make your CV stand out! 

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Know what to include in a CV 
  • Understand how to describe your achievements 
  • Be confident in identifying and highlighting your transferable skills to employers 
  • Know the pitfalls to avoid when writing your CV 
  • Receive a workbook, including handy CV tips and an example CV

Register for this online event today

Helpful resources:
View our top tips for creating a CV and cover letter.

Download our ‘How to guide’ for the ICAEW Training Vacancies CV Search. 

Download our ‘How to guide’ for ICAEW Training Vacancies.