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Make giving back your New Year’s Resolution

Written by: Kristina Kopic
Published on: 31 Dec 2020

Volunteer filling cup of soup

Pic: Rodnae Productions, Pexels

Now more than ever, volunteers are needed to support the charity sector through the challenging times ahead. Charities have seen their income from trading and community fundraising fall sharply during the coronavirus crisis and need help to balance their reduced resources with increased demand in the coming months. 

How can you help? 

There are many ways in which chartered accountants can make a difference using their professional skills and business acumen, either as a trustee, treasurer, or by providing pro bono professional services.  

Alternatively, for those that want to do something different, you could volunteer as a befriender or help out in your local food bank. But what can you gain from your volunteering journey? 

  1. Wellbeing: Supporting others will enhance your own wellbeing and boost your physical and mental health. By focusing your efforts on helping others, you are likely to feel more positive and hopeful about your own life.

  2. Work experience: Whether you volunteer as a trustee, or befriender, you will pick up new skills that you can apply to your day-to-day working and it will help expand your horizons. As a trustee, you can gain valuable leadership experience while supporting a cause you feel passionate about.

  1. Community: You will be part of the charity’s volunteer team and meet like-minded people who bring a great sense of teamwork and camaraderie to a charity while helping to make your community a better place to live.

  1. Learning: Volunteering will introduce you to people from different walks of life and different cultures which will help you learn more about your community. Volunteers often discover hidden talents which helps them grow professionally and personally and boosts self-confidence.

  2. Social responsibility: Everyone can make a difference by offering their time and skills. Don’t underestimate your potential to make a positive impact.  

Support from ICAEW 

At ICAEW, we champion volunteering and have a Volunteering Community that helps you stay up-to-date with the essential tools and information to support you in your volunteering journey, whether you're a trustee of a large not-for-profit organisation, or simply helping a local charity with its accounts.   

Community membership provides management liability insurance for all UK volunteering activities performed with UK charities or not-for-profit organisations and also offers comprehensive online training  in all important aspects of trusteeship for those that are, or are interested in, leading a charity through these difficult times.