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Going virtual with PwC

Written by: Charlotte Aldoori from PwC
Published on: 14 Dec 2020

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Pic: Christin Hume, Unsplash

We asked PwC to explain the new ways employers are recruiting because of lockdown and how students can prepare for them. Here's what they had to say!


A moment with PwC

Employers are increasingly using virtual tools to assess candidates as part of the selection process. We understand this can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first attempt at applying, but remember that employers are just trying to find out more about you and your suitability for the role. We’ve included some information and advice below to help and support you in your future applications.


What are online assessments?

Online assessments are tests that take place remotely, using your own technology such as a laptop or phone. Employers use a variety of different tests such as psychometric assessments, situational judgement tests and game-based assessments. At PwC, we use game-based assessments which combine game principles and psychometric assessment, designed to provide candidates with an engaging way to demonstrate their cognitive ability and personality traits.

No specific preparation or gaming experience is required - we’re looking to see how you naturally approach tasks and react to changes in tasks. We recommend you take your time to complete the test, read the questions carefully and ensure you’re taking the test in a suitable environment.


What are video interviews?

A video interview is a job interview that takes place remotely, using video technology. These can either be conducted in real time, or as a pre-recorded session (meaning you won’t be speaking to someone live). At PwC, we use a pre-recorded format to allow candidates flexibility to complete the video interview at a time that best suits them.

We recommend that you prepare as you would do for a face-to-face interview; research the employer, the role and the company’s competencies and values. Practice answering interview questions with a friend. On the day, ensure you complete the interview in a suitable, quiet and comfortable environment. Make sure you test the technology and ensure your WiFi is working.


What else can I do to prepare?

At PwC, we’re focussed on helping you to achieve your full potential. That’s why we’ve created the Employability Hub - a place where you’ll find useful virtual tools to support you in developing key employability skills. This includes e-learns on online applications, and video interviews. Explore our different resources on our website here.


What is a virtual assessment day?

The final stage of our recruitment process is a virtual immersive assessment day we call ‘Career Focus’. It brings together everything you’ve learnt about us so far as an immersive ‘day in the life’ experience. You’ll work in groups and individually, on a variety of case studies that help you learn even more about the work we do. 

You'll be able to complete the Career Focus Day from home, and we'll be in touch prior to the day to talk through the technology you'll use to connect with our team and your group for team exercises. 


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