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Everything there is to know, and more, about ICAEW Apprenticeships

Written by: Charlotte Reed
Published on: 22 Feb 2023

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Once you have decided on your career path, the next question is, how do I get there? When it comes to accountancy, one of the most popular routes to becoming chartered is through an apprenticeship. 

What is an ICAEW Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship offers an opportunity to earn a salary while learning new skills. The on-the-job learning is one of the best ways to ease yourself into a new career. Your employer will not only teach you the knowledge and understanding of the role, but will also help you develop your soft skills required for the rest of your career. 

Complete your exams, finish your training, and gain work experience within three years. 

There are two types of ICAEW Apprenticeship: 

Level 4 Accounting Technician Apprenticeship:

The Level 4 Accounting Apprenticeship with ICAEW combines work experience and the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting, and Business (ICAEW CFAB). It typically takes 18-24 months. The only entry requirements are GCSE English and Maths.

Level 7 Accountancy Professional Apprenticeship:

The Level 7 Accountancy Professional Apprenticeship involves completing the ACA qualification and 450 day’s work experience. This typically takes 36-48 months. The entry requirements are two A-Levels or equivalent. 

Why choose an apprenticeship? 

•    Get paid!
Work full time and earn a competitive salary while completing a qualification.

•    Globally recognised qualification.
Depending on the apprenticeship level, you will complete the ACA or certificate level modules, which make up the stand-alone qualification ICAEW CFAB.

•    Work experience.
Get ahead of your peers by working full time.

•    Skills training.
Build your knowledge and skills in accountancy and finance to enhance your career prospects.

How to find an apprenticeship?

ICAEW Training Vacancies is home to hundreds of vacancies from employers across the UK that offer ICAEW Apprenticeships. Find the perfect role for you today.