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Calling all finance professionals: Harness your skills to help schools improve!

Written by: Hannah Stolton, CEO, Governors for Schools
Published on: 23 Mar 2023

Are you interested in using your experience in the finance industry to help younger generations thrive? School governance could be your next rewarding adventure. Governors for Schools is looking for skilled finance professionals across England and Wales to join one of the largest volunteering forces in the country.

Governors and trustees are responsible for overseeing school budgets and shaping the vision of a school. As such, chartered accountants represent valuable assets for governing boards, providing the financial expertise and business skills needed to make savvy strategic decisions.

As you may be aware, governance represents a significant responsibility, with school budgets extending well into the millions of pounds. Your ability to interpret data, monitor budgets, and identify risks will ensure your school remains financially healthy and spends its budget well. Whether you’re reaching the end of your career or just starting out in the industry, schools want your unique skills and experiences to help improve educational standards.

As well as allowing you to give something back to society, governance provides valuable professional development opportunities. From enhancing your knowledge of the education system to sharpening your capacity for strategic thinking, governance could help you further your career and develop your transferrable skills.

Chartered accountant Anusri Brahma – who Governors for Schools placed as a co-opted governor on a federation board in London to oversee two maintained primary schools – explains: “The governance experience has been really great. I thought I would be too young when I applied for the role, but that isn’t the case at all. The board has been very open – there’s a lot of training made available, and the entire board takes an attitude of continuous learning. What's more, all of our opinions are valued.

“I would definitely encourage other young finance professionals to volunteer. Governance is a great way to connect with your local community. My role has allowed me to meet a diverse array of fellow governors, students, and teaching staff.

“Plus, the time commitment is very manageable. The core commitment is around a few hours a month in terms of meetings and preparation, but there are plenty of ways you can get more involved. I feel the role shapes you into a better professional and a better person – this has definitely been the case for me.”

Why apply through Governors for Schools?

Governors for Schools has over 20 years’ worth of experience in the sector, having matched thousands of skilled volunteers with schools in need. We recruit many first-time governors and provide comprehensive online training opportunities to help them get to grips with the role, from eLearning modules to regular webinars. We also match volunteers with friendly partnership managers who support them through the application process and match them with a school requiring their unique skills.

Ready to get involved? Watch our informative webinar

We recently hosted an online information introducing finance professionals to the governance role. If you’re feeling inspired to start your governance journey, please head to our website to watch a recording of the session. We chat about how your skills can positively impact the education landscape, how to apply, and what you can gain from the experience. For more information, please visit our website.